The three-part epic mini-series based on the life of the young pharaoh "Tut", premiered on Spike TV at 9.00 pm (EST) on Sunday, 19 July, and the first thing that strikes us after watching the premiere episode, is that with its sex, violence and incest, "Tut" could probably cure our "Game of Thrones" withdrawal issues; at least temporarily.

In the first two-hour episode, we saw Tut at the age of nine, having to make tough decisions regarding inhuman punishments. He grows to be the powerful leader – Avan Jogia – who is raised by Grand Vizier Ay (Sir Ben Kingsley) and General Horemheb (Thrones' Nonso Anonzie), both of who have their own vested interests.

Tut is married to his sister Ankhe (Sibylla Deen), who is in love with Tut's friend Ka (Peter Gadiot). The sex scene between Ka and Ankhe are explicit enough to have been taken from HBO's "Game of Thrones", and then there is the violence that arrives in the form of the army of Mitanni.

However, the war also brings happiness to Tut in the form of Suhad (Kylie Bunbury), a commoner whose existence is the result of a violent sexual encounter between a Mitanni and an Egyptian. Although Tut's wife/sister wants him to be happy, when Suhad becomes a real threat to her position as the Queen, she must take matters into her own hands.

A special mention must be made of the brilliant costumes and the set locality of "Tut".

Following episodes will see more bloodshed and more sex, along with the result of the epidemic that is spreading throughout Egypt. Watch out for the next two episodes, which will be aired on Monday, 20 July and Tuesday, 21 July at 9.00 pm (EST) on Spike TV. You can also stream it via Spike Website.