A Turkish folk singer has come forward claiming he is British singer Adele's biological father. Mehmet Asar, 52, believes Adele bears some resemblance to him, and he is even ready to do a DNA test to prove his paternity, according to reports.

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"The third and fourth fingers of her right hand are adjacent ... I became even more surprised because my right hand's third and fourth fingers are also adjacent when I raise it," Asar said in an interview with the Daily Sabah. "In addition, the highlights she makes when she is singing are similar to mine, which could also be genetic."

Asar claims that he dated Penny Adkins, Adele's mother, while working as a taxi driver. They dated in July 1987, said Asar, and Adele was born in May 1988.

"I gave Penny Adkins and her friends a tour of the bays of Bodrum and Pamukkale over two weeks," Asar said. "She introduced herself to me as a nurse. We liked each other and had an affair for two weeks. She extended her vacation and returned to England one month later. She later came back to Bodrum twice and stayed for one month."

Reportedly, Adkins wanted to take Asar to England with her, but he was reluctant to leave Bodrum. Although they kept in touch through phone calls, that soon dwindled as international calls were expensive at the time.

As for why he is coming out with these claims now, the singer said he wanted Adele to know the truth about her origins. "I'm from Bodrum and I'm a well-off man," Asar said. "I just want my daughter to know the facts. I think I am Adele's father, I feel it. I can even have a DNA test if she wants to."