A Turkish Airways airplane coming from Istanbul with 97 passengers and crew on board skidded off a rapid exit taxiway at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport early Friday, reports Times of India.

Soon after landing at the CSI Airport, the flight, TK-720, skidded off the rapid exit taxiway-N8 and was stuck in the mud there.

There were no injuries to anyone on the aircraft and other flights remained unaffected.

Airport authority conducted all the emergency procedures immediately.

According to the airport authority, the flight developed a technical snag in its hydraulic control system, following which it made an emergency landing.

Following the incident, the main runway is still closed. But with only one of the two runways operational, schedules of other fights may be affected.

All flight operations have been moved to the secondary runway. The average delay in arrival is 15 minutes and departure 30 minutes.

Due to rains, visibility fell below the required minimum, so Mumbai airport was closed for flights from 08.40 am to 08.52 am. 

Efforts are currently underway to remove the aircraft and clear the runway for normal operations but it could take much of the day.

Recently in a similar case, a Gulf plane GF-270 carrying 137 passengers overshot the runway at the Kochi International Airport; seven passengers were injured.

Here is a highlight of the recent flight runway accident at Kochi:

Highlight of the Kochi runway

Airbus A-320 plane

Occurred at 3.55 am

Slippery runway, due to heavy rain in Kerala since the past few days. The plane overran the runway by close to 700 meters.

Total Passengers- 137

Casualties- 7

Damage- Nose wheel damaged

Plane facts- Disclosed

Pilot- Disclosed

In a similar overshoot, the most catastrophic accident in India occurred May 22, 2010, when an Air India Express Flight 812 (a Boeing 737-800) crashed at the Mangalore Bajpe Airport.

The Air India plane form Dubai overshot the runway with 160 passengers and six crew members on board. A total of 158 people were killed with just eight survivors; this was the worst ever crash involving the 737-800.

Highlight of Mangalore Plane crash

Occurred at: 6.30am

The runway - It is a brand new runway. The Mangalore airport is situated on a hillock, and the runway is built on a flat stretch of land, with either ends of the runway sloping downwards. The pilot misjudges his landing, the aircraft will overshoot the runway and go downhill.

Length: 5,800 ft (1,740 mts)

Runway elevation: 336 ft (101 mts)

Weather- No rain, wind calm but there was dense fog over the airport. Visibility was only 6 km, less than what is required.

Passengers : 166 (137 adults, 19 children, 4 infants and 6 crew)

Survivors: 7

Plane facts: State-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 inducted on Jan. 15, 2008.

Pilot: Capt Zlatko Glusica, 55, he had 10,000 hours of flying experience.