Turkey has issued a warning to Russia to "immediately end its operation" near the Syria-Turkey border.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member has threatened Russia with "serious consequences" if it fails to do so.

The Turkish villages in Syria near the Syria-Turkey border are viewed as allies against Bashar Al-Assad's regime by Turkey.

Andrei Karlov, Russia's ambassador in Turkey, on Friday, had been summoned to discuss the issue recently.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said, "It was stressed that the Russian side's actions were not a fight against terror, but they bombed civilian Turkmen villages and this could lead to serious consequences," the foreign ministry said.

The villages in question are situated near the Bayir-Bucak area of northwest Syria, close to Turkey's Yayladag border gate in Hatay province.

The Syrian regime forces have, on ground, executed operations in 50 villages in the Gimam area inhabited by Turks, Kurds, and Arabs. The operations have forced the Turks to flee towards the Turkish border; however the country has apparently not come to the rescue of the ethnic group.

A Turkman brigade commander, resisting the Assad's regime in Syria, Commander Ömer Abdullah was reported by TodaysZaman as saying: "We are trying to survive under unbearable brutality and we need Turkey's help...Every day our Turkmen brothers are dying. We expect the government to support us. Why do they leave us alone? We have fallen martyrs every day. Why are we left alone? I don't understand."

Russia and Turkey are diametrically opposed to each other about the Syrian conflict. While Russia has been attempting to perpetuate Bashar Al-Assad's regime and has been unleashing air strikes on rebel groups as well as Isis, Turkey has been attempting to topple Assad's regime.

Meanwhile, Turkey has threatened to shoot down Russian warplanes if they persist in invading their air space, reports The Star.

Assad's troop has been gaining ground since Russia's air strikes began on September 30.

On Sunday, President Bashar al-Assad said, "Now I can say that the army is making advancement in nearly every front ... in many different directions and areas on the Syrian ground."