A video showing dozens of protesters clashing with the Turkish anti-riot police as the latter allegedly blocked the path of the ambulances that had reached the spot of the twin blasts in Ankara on Saturday to take the injured to hospitals has gone viral.

The clip that has been widely shared on Facebook and Twitter has raked up a major controversy, once again raising questions over the high-handedness of the police in Turkey.

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In the aftermath of the blasts that targeted hundreds of peaceful protesters, it is alleged that the police blocked the path of the ambulances that had come to take the wounded. [Watch entire video on Facebook]

Angry over the police apathy, the protesters clashed with the personnel to open up the road and allow the ambulances to pass. 

Bulent Tekdemir, an eyewitness, told the BBC that the Turkish police used tear gas shortly after the explosions at 10am and "would not let ambulances through" in the aftermath. He also alleged that the ambulances came almost 40 minutes after the blasts.

While the intention of the police behind their action is still not clear, the footage clearly shows the anti-riot forces blocking a road near the bombing site in Ankara, with several ambulances seen parked behind them.

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The crowd, which also consists of some bombing survivors - identified by the blood on their clothes are seen angrily shouting at the Turkish police. The protesters then throw missiles and beat some policemen with small flagpoles and sticks.

The protesters then push the police back against a concrete barrier, paving the way for ambulances to rush to the blast site.

The twin blasts at the peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara have been termed as one of the deadliest incidents ever in modern Turkey's history.

As per the officials figures, at least 95 people were killed and 245 were injured in the deadly explosions.

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Kalay ‏@Baris_Kalay 

According to reports after the blast the police attacked civilians with tear gas and water cannons instead of letting ambulances through..

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@yildiz_tar Why no Turk Police at this big rally -until the bomb blast- then they appeared & attacked first responders & to block ambulances

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fr0gz Retweeted De-pro9
Turkish police blocked ambulances from reaching Ankara blast site. This is our ally in the War on Terror.