A video, which shows the capture of a female attacker involved in Monday's US consulate attack in Istanbul, has gone viral.

Two assailants, one of whom was a woman, had opened fire outside the US Consulate located in the northern Sariyer district of Istanbul, before escaping from the scene. There were no reports of any injury to any consulate staff. 

The Turkish police later were able to capture one of the assailants, 42-year-old Hatice Asik, a member of the far-left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) following a gun battle. A video released by local news channels show the police shooting and injuring the woman.

A local eyewitness told Anadolu Agency that the police asked the woman to surrender, who then replied: "I will never surrender to you. We've come here to take revenge for Suruc [attack]."

The police are still looking for the second attacker, who according eyewitnesses, was also a woman. 

Turkey, in the meantime, said that both the attackers were suicide bombers and also released the images of Hatice Asik in a bid to get more information about her accomplice.

The Turkish government on Monday blamed a radical Marxist group for a gun attack on the US consulate in Istanbul, an official told AFP.

The Revolutionary People's Liberation Front (DHKP-C) were responsible for a 2013 suicide attack at the US embassy in Ankara.