A video showing the Turkish Police arresting students opposing a group from raising money for the Islamic State (Isis) is being shared widely in Turkey.

The viral video shows a group of Leftist students at a university in Turkey trying to stop the fund-raising for the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), which in the past also has been accused of links with Al Qaeda. The IHH is also listed as a banned terrorist organisation in some countries.

In the video, the students demand that the fundraising for "terrrorists" has no place on university or school campus and the group should immediately leave the premises.

The fundraisers, who are seen wearing headscarves argue with the students justifying the collection stating that they have the right to collect it for a "just cause". 

As the argument continues, the fundraisers call the police, who then come and arrest the students who opposed the group for collecting money for Isis. [Watch Video]

According to the Facebook group Save Kobane, an argument broke out between two group of students at the university in Turkey.

"A group of students were collecting money for an organisation linked to Isis. The Leftist students at the university tried to stop the fundraising, but then the Turkish Police came and arrested the students who tried to stop the fundraising. This is Turkish war agaisnt terror," a post on the page of the Kurdish group said.

The name of the university has not been made public.

On several occasions in the past, questions have been raised on the alleged free-handedness offered to Isis supporters in Turkey, a NATO member involved in the war against the Daesh terrorists.

In July, reports from Turkey had claimed hundreds of Isis supporters were able to hold Eid prayers openly in Istanbul. It was reported that around 1,000 Isis members had gathered at a picnic site in Omerli neighbourhood in Istanbul to offer Eid prayers on 17 July.

The Eid prayers were reportedly attended by several high-ranking Isis members, who severely criticised the Turkish government and asked its followers to "wage war" to take rid the country of infidels.