It is being reported that Turkey has shot down an unidentified military aircraft for violating its airspace. 

"An aerial vehicle of unknown nationality was detected inside our airspace on the Syrian border," a statement posted on the Turkish General Staff's official website read, according to a translation by Hurriyet Daily News.

"When it continued its movement despite being warned three times, our aircraft on patrol mission on the border fired and shot down the vehicle within the rules of engagement".

A Reuters report has claimed that it was a Russian drone, however, Russia has maintained that all its aircrafts, including the drones, are "safe."  Some social media reports claimed that the drone shot down by Turkey is a Russian Orlan 10 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

It is yet to be ascertained whether the aircraft or drone shot down by Turkey belonged to Russia or Syria. The development has come just as on Friday, the Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah and Iranian fighters launched a massive attack on Aleppo, a commercial and industrial hub near the Turkish border, it is reported.

Russia is providing major air support with several of its fighter jets and reconnaissance drones providing backup to the ground forces.

Last week, rumours had done the round that Turkey had shot a Russian fighter jet. had reported that a Russian Mig-29 was shot down by Turkish forces after it flew into the country's airspace. Turkish F-16 fighters shot down the Russian jet near the town of Yayladagi, in Hatay province close to the border with Syria, it was reported.