Unidentified gunmen in a van fired at the office of the Hurriyet Daily News in Ankara on Saturday.

Five-six shots were fired by the gunmen from inside the van at the office of Hurriyet located on Eskisehir Road in Ankara.

There are no reports yet of any injury. The bullets, however, shattered the glass windows of the building. The police are at the scene and are investigating the drive-by shooting, Istanbul-based Cihan News Agency reported.

The Hurriyet Daily News, which was founded in 1961, is the oldest English newspaper in Turkey. It is currently owned by the Dogan Media Group.

The Hurriyet Daily News is known for its secular and liberal or centre-left position on most political issues, in contrast to its two main competitors, Today's Zaman and the Daily Sabah,

The headquarters of the daily is based at the Dogan Medya Tower in Istanbul, and it has a satellite office in Ankara.

After the incident Hurriyet Editor in Chief, Sedat Ergin in a statement said that the police was still investigating on what caused the seven glass panels on different floors of the building to explode.

It is being investigated whether the glass panels broke due an "outside interference" or whether it was a structural fault, Ergin added.

The police are also viewing the CCTV recordings. "We will not comment more on the issue till the police gives their final report," he said [Via Zaman]