Syrian forces recently captured an Islamic State (Isis) oil tanker from Hasakah, which it claimed operated between Syria and Turkey. The development has once again fuelled speculations that Turkey has been aiding Isis.

Social media users from Syria are widely sharing the images of the tanker that was being used by Isis terrorists. According to reports, the Turkish oil truck was captured after Isis‬ withdrew from Base 121 ‪in Hasakah‬.

The oil tanker has "Serin" and "Turkey" written on it. 

Since 2014, after Isis began its expansion plans in Syrian and Iraq, Turkey has repeatedly been accused of having aided the growth of the Sunni radical group.

The US Delta Forces carried out a raid on the hideout of a top Isis leader Abu Sayyaf in May this year. They gunned down Sayyaf, who was said to be Isis' chief finance officer. 

The US forces reportedly found a trove of documents from the Isis leader's hideout.

A report in The Guardian had said Sayyaf, who was running the oil and gas operations for Isis, was coordinating with Nato member Turkey to sell the smuggled crude oil in the black market.

Russia hits Isis oil business‬

In the last five days, Russia has reportedly destroyed 1,000 Isis tankers smuggling crude oil to refineries. A report in Russia Today said Russian warplanes have also hit an Isis-controlled oil refinery some 50 km south of Raqqa.