A British woman committed suicide at the Istanbul International Airport after missing a connecting flight. The 50-year-old British citizen had reportedly told the airline staff that she did not have enough money to book another ticket.

Local reports claim that the woman, Jacqueline Anne Sutton, arrived in Istanbul from London on 17 October at 9.58pm (local time) on Turkish Airlines flight number 1986. Her next connecting flight to Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan was at 12.15am, however, she missed that flight.

The ground staff reportedly told Sutton that she would have to purchase another ticket as the airline was not responsible for her missing the flight. Sutton excused herself to go to the toilet after telling the staff that she did not have enough money to buy another ticket.

The woman was later found inside the toilet by three Russian passengers, who notified the airport officials. It is reported that Sutton hung herself using her shoelaces.

Her death nonetheless has a certain air of mystery and suspicion surrounding it.

(Source: Hurriyet Daily News)