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Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has won hearts with a simple but delightful movie, Tumhari Sulu. Released on November 17, the film has garnered appreciation from all quarters.

As critics are praising the film's storyline and Vidya's performance, the viewers have also highly appreciated the Kahaani actress in the movie. Tumhari Sulu has received a positive word of mouth till now.

Directed by debutante Suresh Triveni, Tumhari Sulu revolves around Vidya Balan's character. She plays a middle-class married woman named Sulochana aka Sulu in a Mumbai suburban. She is a happy-go-lucky person and her husband is a sales manager.

Sulu, who is a regular radio listener, one day takes part in a contest on the radio and wins a pressure cooker. But in an unexpected turn of events, she lands a job of an RJ (radio jockey) for a late night show. How she carries herself as an RJ while getting a sneak peek into several people's lives is the story.

The highlight of the film is Vidya's RJ job. She talks to the callers in a sexy voice, which somehow makes the night show popular. Manav Kaul plays her husband, while Neha Dhupia plays her boss. For Tumhari Sullu, Vidya took some lessons from RJ Malishka, who also stars in the film.

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Meanwhile, the audiences are praising the movie and calling it a 'must-watch'.

Take a look at the audience review here:

Priscilla Elias‏ @priscillaelias

The vibrant chemistry between @vidya_balan & @Manavkaul19 in #TumhariSullu is beyond amazing. Great performances & adorable characters but I felt that the plot was loose with a dragged second half. Still a decent one time watch.

Rj Harshit‏ @RjHarshit7

Just saw #tumharisullu its very connected to middle class family and problems @vidya_balan as usual Fantastic @Manavkaul19 as Ashok is superb and @NehaDhupia Radio Ki boss :) #Fantastic #Movie

neetu kumar‏ @neetukumar02

Hellooo....@vidya_balan is back. She is mind blowing in #TumhariSulu. Must watch movie. @sureshtriveni @NehaDhupia

Neelam Joshi  ‏ @Nilzrav

OK. So I ended up crying in the last 10 mins of #TumhariSulu. Easily one of the BEST movies of 2017. A story of emotions, confidence, struggles and determination of a middle class Indian woman. MUST WATCH!! VIDYA BALAN is STELLAR. Direction Rating: 4/5.

A‏ @HindiFilmFan

.@vidya_balan breathes life into #TumhariSulu like no one else can! Albeit an inconsistent pace and an abrupt ending, you will walk out with a smile on your face.

Aakanksha Kalla‏ @aakankshakalla

.@Manavkaul19 you were on par with @vidya_balan in #tumharisulu. What great chemistry you 2 shared!Brilliant performances and superb writing! We want more of such female-centric heart-warming stories coming out of #bollywood.

Shaheen Allabux‏ @shaheenallabux

People do watch #TumhariSulu. A fun film and @vidya_balan @Manavkaul19 are brilliant.

Jigar Ganatra‏ @JigarGanatra_

.@vidya_balan isn't wrong when she says #MainKarSaktiHai. Yes, the 'legend' yet again makes a mark. Thanks, @sureshtriveni for giving us #TumhariSulu - a tribute to an everyday woman. By far, one of the best films written this year.

Usha Shrivas‏ @UshaShrivas

#TumhariSulu : Brilliant execution of an excellent script by @sureshtriveni ..@DMmovies

_(ツ)_/¯‏ @karishmau

#TumhariSulu is one of Vidya Balan's best yet. Go watch

vinay‏ @vinaykrock10

Everybody is so good. #TumhariSulu