isha and abhishek fight

This season of Bigg Boss 17 has failed to impress the ardent BB fans. Despite two real-life married couples in the house, namely Ankita Lokhande- Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt- Aishwarya Sharma, their chemistry seems to irk BB fans as they are either fighting or making love.

With each passing day, the equation between the inmates has started to die down. Friends are becoming foes, friendships are turning messier and murkier.

The bonds inside the house hold no substance anymore as everyone is playing a different game.

Bigg Boss 17

Apart from real-life married couples, this season also has a love triangle in the show between Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, and Samarth Jurel.

So, for the unversed, Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel are in a relationship. While Abhishek Kumar likes Isha, he confessed to her as well. Initially, she was all for him but as soon as Samarth entered the show, things changed.

Salman khan

Immunity task in BB

And now, Isha and Samarth are against Udaariyaan actor Abhishek. During the immunity task, Isha and Abhishek had a massive argument, they went physical and exposed each other's dark secrets that have irked netizens.

Isha said that Abhishek Kumar's physique was all a result of injections. Abhishek said that she takes beauty injections. This left Isha shocked and she told him that he was lying. Abhishek swore on his mother about the same and said he was not lying. Isha then disclosed about Abhishek's one-night stands and then Abhishek said that she has also done many one-night stands.

Abhishek yells, "You thought I would stay calm always after what you did then you are wrong."

Isha yelled back, "Aap kabhi they bhi nahi, saath rehke dekha hai Maine." (he got his past back and started the fight).

Abhishek retaliated, "Apni harkaton ko dekh, ab kya hogaya tujhe, offend hogaya kya." (See your deeds first, are u offended).

Isha kept yelling 'Janwar', and Abhishek yelled, "Tu janwar hai, tu khelti hai sabke saath." ( you play with people's emotions..)

Samarth comes out in support of Isha and tells Abhishek, "Rotlu, tujhe koi bhi nahi milega, teri zindagi barbaad hai."  (You won't get anyone, your life is a mess).

Abhishek continues fighting with Isha, "Tu jo yahan pe kar rahi hai na sab dekh rahe hai."(What you are doing here every one is seeing).

Isha and Abhishek pass derogatory remarks at each other 

Isha makes a shocking revelation, "Tu ladkiyon ko gaadi mein bithake jo karta hai woh bolu?" (You take girls for a ride should i talk about it).

Abhishek slammed her back, "Tu maarti hai, tu nochti hai, tune jo kiya hai mere saath, tune mera muh nocha hai, mujhe bitha bitha ke maarti hai. Sab dikhta hai." (I know what all you have done)..

Isha slams him, "Mujhe koi nahi pakad raha, log tujhe pakad rahe hai, tera steroids ka aggression dikh raha hai." (Your steroids injection is being shown).

Abhishek, "Tumhare jaisa toh nahi hu na. Tum karti ho yeh sab main nahi. Aapne toh accept kiya hai." ( I am not like this, you have multiple guys).

She then says, "Aapke paas hai alag alag ladkiyaan." ( you have different different girls).

Abishek and isha

Abhishek says, "Atleast main raatko kahin aur jaake, mera kuch aur toh nahi nikalta." ( I don't go around at night...)

Samarth pushes Abhishek,  "Tameez se bol."  ( respect her).

Isha says, "The whole country is watching."

Abhishek says, "Haan, sab ne dekh liya tu meri bhi nahi hai aur tu iski bhi nahi hai. Tu kisiki nahi hai." ( Eveyrone knows you are not faithful and loyal to anyone).

Abhishek who is already irked with steroids comments, tells Isha, "Arre fake beauty, tune bhi bohot kuch karaya hai, beauty ke injections leti hai. Maine khud dekha hai, mummy ki kasam." (You have taken so many beauty injections). Isha says, "At least don't disrespect your mom."

Abhishek says, "Tere maa baap teri harkaton se pareshaan hai. Soch rahe hai, humari beti iss umar mein kya kar rahi hai." ( Your parents are already miffed with you).

Isha say, "Abhi iska ek aur steroids wala attack aane wala hai.."  (You will get one more steroids attack).

Abhishek says, "You always handle it na? You don't even know who is your boyfriend. 2..."

Abhishek tells Isha, "In one and half months you moved on, you trapped Samarth."

Isha tells Abhishek to mind his language, he says, "Tum one night stand karti ho." (You do one night stands).

Vicky advised Isha to not bring personal problems and families into their fights.

Samarth tells Abhishek, "Isha is my family and you cannot.."

Abhishek says, "Ab toh main jaunga, ab toh tujhe dhundna padega tu kahan hai." ( I will go, and you will have to take care of yourself. )

Isha tells  Samarth  to stop Abhishek's comments, "Usko beauty ke injections dilawo and Keep an eye on her at night when she goes partying." ( You keep an eye on her, see where she goes at night partying).

Later Isha goes to give coffee to Vicky, and Abhishek tells her, "Chuhe log aa gaye, body injections, beauty injections. Clubbing and roaming all night." (Beauty injections are back).

Abhishek yet again passes a comment, "I used to call her sundari, she used to take beauty injections, the bill was for Rs 9000 or more na, I must have paid those bills too."

vicky and ankita

Vicky and Khanzzadi try to stop them. Vicky tells Isha to not get personal and family matters in between.

Samarth later tells Isha, "If you will go cheap then he will go and assassinate your character and I will not be able to listen to that." Isha refuses to understand what Samarth. 

During the immunity task, Abhishek again blasted at Isha. She then shouted at Abhishek and pushed him away.

The fight turned physical; however, the other housemates controlled the situation. The immunity task finally ended.