An employee holds up masks depicting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Hollywood Toys & Costumes in Los Angeles, California U.SReuters

November 8 marks the US Presidential Election. A look at the date and we realise it is just eight days after Halloween 2016, usually referred to as the day of celebration for the ghosts and all things ghoul.

Okay, we already know what Halloween is. Let us shift our focus now to the grand Election day – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Who comes out as the winner? While speculations go on, let us look into who is winning the Halloween 2016 contest. Obviously, in terms of people going for more Trump and Clinton costumes, we mean.

No surprise here, we do have a winner. Let the drum roll begin. And the winner is: Donald Trump!

Yes, votes weren't conducted for this but some market surveys in the United States (US) as well as in well, Australia, have revealed that Trump is the clear winner ahead of Clinton. The debates may not have gone in the way of the Republican, but well, when it comes to everything ghastly, the nascent yellow-ish dirty-blonde uniquely combed hair of Trump, rules the roost. 

"There is more demand for Trump [masks for Halloween] than Clinton. He is his own character," says Gregg Melnick, president of Party City, the popular American retailer. "There was demand for him in years past even before he ran for president. People were dressing up as him when he was on The Apprentice," he told CNN Money.

A person takes a photo of masks depicting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Hollywood Toys & Costumes in Los Angeles, California U.S.,Reuters

Melnick adds the demand for politician costumes, especially those of Trump and Clinton, have surged for the year than ever before. So much so that even fresh supplies are getting imported from the foreign market to keep up with the American market demand. He also mentions that Hillary Clinton masks are not even close to the popularity of the Donald Trump Halloween costumes.

Meanwhile, in Australia too, where the festival of trick or treat is not as popular as that in the US, Trump costumes are selling like hot cakes ahead of Halloween 2016, in what seems to be quite unusual. 

"Candidly, they [the Australians] are far more engaged in the US election than they were in the Australian election," says Gordon Flake, CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre in Australia. "It's about being as scary as possible and Trump has given us grist to the mill. He is both in appearance and demeanour cartoonish. That itself lends itself to a mask," adds the America-born businessman to ABC News.

Trump has come under immense heat from several quarters after recent revelations came to light of the hardcore entrepreneur molesting women and allegedly doing all things sinister. Clearly, he is being identified as the villain over here while Clinton is the one who saves the day. In the case of Halloween, well, evil gets an edge over good and as the tradition has been, it Joker is the one who rules over Batman on this particular day. So, no surprises over here!