Murder with Gun
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A kidnapping mystery was solved within three hours by the Hyderabad city police. Three men had kidnapped a prominent businessman, Gajendra Parakh, the owner of Mahindra Finance company, on Sunday. Parakh was released after his friend Rahul paid a ransom of Rs 1 crore.

The Hyderabad city police have also recovered Rs 35 lakh. Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said that two accused are still absconding.

He added that the abductors initially tried to mislead. However, the police deployed its 11 special teams and nabbed the culprits. 

The mastermind of the plot, Muhammad Almas, a 21-year-old car dealer, knew that Parakh usually carries cash and the locations where he would hangout with his friends. 

Muhammad Almas along with Muhammad Akbar, a 22-year-old student, and Shafiq Ali, who is said to be unemployed, carried out the kidnapping, said the Hyderabad police. 

Parakh was kidnapped by four masked men at 11 pm on Sunday and released at 2.30 am on Monday. The kidnappers had initially demanded Rs 3 crore ransom from Parakh's family.

Parakh was reportedly abducted from near AV College in the heart of the Hyderabad city and taken to a godown nine kilometres away. After his release, he was admitted to a hospital with injuries on his arms and face.

The ordeal Parakh went through depicts a true Bollywood-style kidnapping. Parakh told the police that the kidnappers knew all the details about him and his family members and told him that they had got a supari in his name (contract money to abduct and kill). 

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The kidnappers even asked Parakh about his last wish. He eventually made them believe that he could pay the ransom money.

Meanwhile, the business community in Hyderabad has expressed shock over the incident and urged the authorities to check the recurring incidents of kidnapping and crimes in the city. The police have traced the location of the kidnappers through the WhatsApp calls made to Parakh's friend.