The newest season of "True Detective" is so complex that it could be months before one gets to fully understand the symbolism, it's overriding theme and not to forget, the actual crime scene. Since the first episode of season 2, we know that the plot is centered around the murder of Ben Caspere, the City Manager.

However, his killer is almost like a cheshire cat who has proved to be an extremely sly and difficult criminal to nab. So far, Ani (Rachel McAdams), Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Paul (Taylor Kitsch) have trailed Ben Caspere's past to see if it could lead to his killer, who is popularly known as Birdman. 

Nevertheles, is the Birdman really so difficult to find?

A popular fan theory on this season's killer -- the birdman -- has been doing the rounds. Fans suspect that the killer, who has macabre instincts (Exhibit A: Ben Caspere) is actually Lieutenant Kevin Burris. It could be difficult to recall who Burris is, given that the series packs as many characters as an epic movie. Nonetheless, Kevin Burris, on the show is a thin, pale faced detective who somehow has all the information that nobody actually knows.

You would do well to remember that Kevin gave the information of Ben Caspere's disappearance to Ray. Furthermore, when Ray got shot in the second episode, Kevin was the first at the crime scene and it was revealed that Ray was actually shot with riot shells that police use.

Fans also feel that Ray's dad in the pub is indeed Kevin, dressed in his uniform. A popular theory argues that Kevin didn't want to kill Ray, but instead decided to get his hands on the hard disk.

Reddit user afish_insea says this about Kevin: "Ray's dad talks about Burris in the conversation at his house, saying Burris is good cop material and is really smart. He, on the other hand, didn't follow suit and went with his gut, landing him in half-pension income."

Finally, Kevin's identity is almost revealed in the previous episode. Irina tells Ray that she was given Ben Caspere's things by a "thin white" guy.

According to fan website, Uproxx, Kevin's murder of Ben Caspere does not exhibit the character's criminality. "What if Burris killed Caspere not out of malevolence, but for the greater good? What if he's doing it to protect Attorney General Geldof, who he believes to be the best man for the job of California governor?" the article on Uproxx asks.

If True Detective's creator Nic Pizzolato could have left us these gems of clues, season 2 could have been so much easier to watch.