It comes as a relief that episode 7 has condensed the plot for us. The highly convoluted story will finally concentrate on Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams). As these two detectives emerge as the real protagonists of "True Detective" season 2, what mystery will they confront?

As seen in the promo for episode 8, the finale will be an intense hunt for Ben Caspere's killer. And to throw in a bit of camaraderie, Nic Pizzolatto's character, Frank (Vince Vaughn), will play a huge role in it. In essence, we think that the Ray, Ani and Frank coalition will augment their energies into a shootout that involves the real killer of City Manager, Ben Caspere.

In the promo, Frank says, "Call it revenge, justice, whatever you want" , implying that the plot, which has been so difficult to interpret, will be neatly tied up. However, the question that begs itself to be asked is who murdered Ben Caspere.

Our guess points to McCandless (Jon Lindstorm) and Osip (Timothy V Murphy). In episode 7, Frank gained knowledge from his right hand man, Blake, about the McCandless and Osip nexus. The two knew about Frank's dealings with Caspere and most likely decided to get Frank's money and leave him out of the rail corridor deal. And we know that Frank has a burning desire to exact revenge on those who've stolen his $5 million. As Frank walks up to a house in the promo for the season 2 finale, will it turn out to be Osip's?

Furthermore, it is likely that the finale could depict two plots: Osip and McCandless did plot to kill Caspere, but did they ask his secretary, Erica, to do their bidding? After all, Erica has many reasons to kill Caspere, as she was dragged into prostitution by her employer ever since she was orphaned.

The last episode will most likely unravel the identity of Caspere's murderer and Frank's confrontation with McCandless and Osip. That is, with violence, bloodshed and possibly, a death.

Will Ray's fatalist notions about life be proven true with his death?

"True Detective" season 2 episode 8, "Omega Station" will air on Sunday, 8 August on HBO at 9pm. You can live stream it on HBOGO.