As season 2 of "True Detective" wraps up next week, we hope to see a narrative that's neatly tied-up. And one that doesn't focus on mundane details. As an aside, thank god Ani (Rachel McAdams) finally put her knife skills to use.

In episode 7, the "Black Maps and Hotel Rooms" promo shows a slew of events that are slated to take place. The one-minute clip shows that Frank is going to punch someone, Ani has a talk with her sister, Paul (Taylor Kitsch) is overcome with his past and Ray might have to take a paternity test. Nevertheless, what really intrigues us is Frank's (Vince Vaughn) story in this upcoming episode. It is clear that he is entangled in a scuffle. But will he survive it?

As episode 6 "Church Ruins" aired last week, we saw Ani save Vera, the missing person. Frank found Irene, who pawned Ben Caspere's things and Ray had a difficult relationship with his son, Chad.

Two important plot points emerged from "Church Ruins". It is clear that Vera is somehow connected to Ben Caspere and Ani might unearth that information. Furthermore, Frank's own investigation into the Ben Caspere murder case suffers a set back as Irene dies when he finds her.

In episode 7, "Black Maps and Hotel Rooms", we will most probably find the difficult narrative interesting as the detectives are close to solving the murder case. That Vera is still with Ani shows that she is close to finding out who killed Caspere. However, we guess that the revelation won't occur before an assault on Frank.

Frank has already found himself ostracized from the railway line project by his partner Osip (Timothy V Murphy) and McCandless (Jon Lindstorm).

In the following episode, the two could very well plot to eliminate Frank from the project by killing him. If this happens, Frank's death could follow Ben Caspere's, who, we think, was also killed because he threatened to expose or probably had an altercation with McCandless.

Furthermore, if Lieutenant Burris is working with Osip and McCandless, they could have probably procured the hard drive and not felt threatened about being exposed.

So whatever Frank has planned, it should be superseded with the only ambition to get the hard drive from Burris. Or else, he could find himself killed by the Mexican cartel, which has probably received orders from Osip and McCandless.

"Black Maps and Hotel Rooms" will air on Sunday, 1 August at 9pm on HBO. You can livestream the episode on hbogo.