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As predicted, Sunday's episode of "True Blood" featured Alcide's death, and even though there was an option to bring him back from the dead, Sookie declined to do so.

Alcide died when a hillbilly shot him in the head, and although Sookie was told that her boyfriend could be brought back to life in the form of a vampire, she declined to go through with it.

Was Sookie selfish in not wanting to turn Alcide? Joe Manganiello, who played Alcide in the series, does not think so.

"Alcide would probably shoot himself in the head if he came back as a vampire. Vampires and werewolves hate each other, so for him to lose his werewolf powers and come back as a vampire … I think she did the right thing," he told TVLine.

However, not many Manganiello fans concur with his reasoning. Fans of the werewolf character has been blaming Sookie for Alcide's death, as it was her "stupid plan" that got Alcide killed. 

Sookie's plan involved luring the Hep-V vampires into the open using herself as a bait, and surpisingly, her plan works as the mighty shoot-out that follows kills all the vampires. The downside was Alcide's death.

Elaborating on Alcide's thought process before marching towards his death, Manganiello said his character's primary aim was to find Sookie and ensure she was safe.

"At that point, Sookie had taken off with Bill, and then he's tracking her by scent. Obviously, this is the pattern with her, she gets into trouble and then he gets her out. He's accepted that about her," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"There's the shaking the head, the "god damn it," but then he goes to find her, he protects her, he fights for her. This time, it just becomes the last time he can do that for her," he added.

A good number of fans also predict Sookie getting back with Bill now that her boyfriend is dead.

Check out some of the comments below:

However, Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill in the series, does not appear to be too happy or hopeful of a Bill-Sookie romantic reunion.

"What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that's all he was supposed to be — a window into that world ..." he told TVLine in an earlier interview.

"I don't think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story," he added.