A video clip of Trisha Krishnan is now garnering a lot of attention of on social media sites. Notably, the online fan clubs of Vijay are now sharing it online to ensure that it becomes viral. Predictably, it is a footage in which the actress is showering good words about Thalapathy.

Vijay with Trisha
A picture of Vijay with Trisha from their earlier movie.PR Handout

What Trisha Says about Vijay?
Yes, Trisha, at the JFW Movie Awards, called Vijay a "charmer" and some fan of Thalapathy shared it online. Since then, it is spreading like wildfire social media sites. In the clip, she says, "He is such a charmer. He has got silent charm about him. Silent killer. You know, he doesn't have to really say anything, but he has got that mysterious charm,"

The awards ceremony was held in April 2019, but his comments are now gaining attention from the cine-goers. She was honoured with Best Actress Award for her brilliant performance in Vijay Sethupathi-starrer 96.

Vijay and Trisha Krishnan have worked in four movies – Ghilli, Thirupaachi, Kuruvi and Aathi. Their pair had fantastic chemistry, yet, they could not come together for a film in the last 14 years. The fans are now hoping to see them together soon.

Trisha's Comments after Winning Award
After receiving the award, she was asked to tell a few words about her career for which she claimed that she has a "blessed journey." The actress added, "I think I am in the luckiest phase of my career because I can choose my films and do different kind of films,"

The 36-year old claimed that in the initial five years the actress did not have much options other than accepting whatever that came her way as she was yet to get established in the industry. "Today I am in the best phase because I can do films and I can dabble with scripts," she said.

Trisha thanked fans in her speech and stated, "I have to say thank you to my fans. My highs my lows, they have always stood by me. An actor could not survive for too long without that kind of love and appreciation."

Thalapathy Vijay with Trisha
A movie still from Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha from their Tamil film.PR Handout