Trisha Krishnan
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Popular South Indian actress, Trisha Krishnan is making her debut in Kannada with Puneet Rajkumar's film, tentatively titled "Rajkumar". Having completed the first schedule of the film, the actress cannot stop gushing about her experience on the shooting set.

In the past, speculations have been made that Trisha would be cast for various Kannada films, but they all turned out to be duds. Now, she has officially signed to work with Puneet in his film, which is a remake of Telugu film "Dookudu." She has taken part in the shooting for the first schedule for the movie directed by K Madesha.

Trisha admits that should have set foot in the Kannada film industry long ago. "There have been talks on and off, but it just never materialized, either because of date, money or script issues," The Times of India quoted the actress.

"I have worked with this team before. In the 10 days that I have been on the set, it felt like working on a Tamil film. Everyone on the set is fluent in the language, including Puneet, which made it even more comfortable for me. That apart, Puneet is quite a darling to have as a co-star," she added.

When asked about the selection of a remake movie, Trisha dismissed it saying she doesn't look at it that way. "I don't look at it as a remake, but as a fresh product for a new market. In the case of Dookudu, I like the whole package. I know it's not a heroine-centric film, but it is good to debut with a superstar," she explained.

She also revealed that another Kannada film is in the pipeline, which she will take after finishing her current commitment. "There's the trilingual RUM too, my first full-fledged action flick, in which I play the lead. It's about a girl and her issues with the villain," said Trisha.