A malicious software has infected www.aitcofficial.org, the official website of the Trinamool Congress, making it difficult for anyone to access any information hosted there.

Everything on the website seems infected by the trojan, caught by antivirus software as "HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic". Some antivirus software manage to stop it on two instances coming from almost every object on the website.

The antivirus program first detects an object or file that has the extension "js", indicating that it is a JavaScript file. The antivirus then blocks the download of the trojan — often described as a program that appears legitimate but performs some illicit activity when run, much like the Trojan Horse from Greek mythology, from which this malware derives its name — onto the computer accessing the website.

While the trojan mostly attacks Windows systems, its modus operandi being changing Windows Registry files and waiting to do more damage, it has been known to hide itself in some computers that run Linux as well, biding its time till it is connected to some Windows machine or removable media which it can infect.

The scarier part of all this is this particular trojan is it can display threatening messages and coerce a user into installing the "commercial version" of an anti-malware, which itself is another malware that might try to steal sensitive information, like personal or bank details.

How this malware got on the Trinamool Congress website, and why it is still there is anybody's guess. While the phone number of the party's Kolkata office, as mentioned on the website, is unreachable, the party members manning the number of the Trinamool's central office, also in Kolkata, could not provide any information on how the site got infected.

Also, the phone number of the Delhi office of the Trinamool Congress listed on the website leads directly to the MPs' quarters, or so IBTimes India was told when he called.

So there is still no answer on how the trojan got on the website, and when it will be disinfected.