Netflix's latest release Tribhanga tells a mother-daughter love story, but gleaning from the trailer, it is not an extremely pleasant one. Kajol plays a dancer named Anu, who tries to hide her pain with a forced smile, while flashbacks reveal that neither her sister, Masha played by Mithila Parker nor her mother, Nayan played by Tanvi Azmi reciprocate. Yet she tries to keep it under wraps with a smile. 

Kajol Mithila Parker Tanvi Azmi

Life takes a different turn when Nayan is hospitalised after a coma. Anu gets heartbroken and loses her cool when a journalist hurls at her silly questions. Anu and Masha struggle to remember the best of times they had with their mother, as they watch her tied to the hospital bed with oxygen masks around her face.

Anu breaks down emotionally but also finds it hard to forget the times when her mother troubled her during the childhood. There's even a sequence where she is seen pushing her mother out of the door to literally get her out of her sight. 

With films such as Devi, and now Tribhanga, Kajol has made us realise that she had a volcano of talent hidden within her. She acts more with her eyes and expressions and convinces an inexplicable love-hate emotion which she feels for her mother. 

With the era on online content, directors of the Hindi film industry have also become braver in their choices of screenwriting. It is hard to recall, the last time when a director from Bollywood chose to show hatred for a mother, with something more than words and dialogues. The film is expected to release on January 15 on Netflix.