Jamshedpur, Nov 10 (ANI): The tribal community of Maoist affected Jharkhand came alive with a fashion show during their annual Sohrai festival. Tribals celebrated the annual festival with much fanfare in a village near Jamshedpur city which included a fashion show attracting most of the tribal youths. Sonamoni Tudu, crowned Miss Adivasi (Tribal) said that the fashion show gave much boost to the confidence of their women and encouraged them to prove their mettle. The Sohrai festival, a popular tribal festival of Jharkhand, is associated with cattle and coincides with Diwali. Cattle and other livestock are washed and worshipped and bullfights are staged in various parts of the state for peoples' entertainment. Meanwhile, Sadanand Murmu who bagged the title of Mr Adivasi (Tribal) expressed joy over winning the trophy in the event.