triangle-shaped UFO
Triangle-shaped UFO spotted in RussiaYouTube Screenshot

Conspiracy theorists who love discussing the US government are in for a treat. Many have alleged for several years that the US Air Force has developed an anti-gravity flying craft called TR-3B using alien technology. According to these theorists, sightings of a triangular unidentified flying object in various parts of the United States are a clear evidence that indicates the existence of such an aircraft.

Recently, a similar sighting was reported in Hampshire, London, where a triangular UFO with bright lights was seen hovering in the sky.

As the video went viral online, a section of conspiracy theorists began stating that this was the United States testing the secretive space vehicle in the skies of Britain. However, alien buffs argue that these vessels are actually from outer space, and made it clear that extraterrestrials used to visit earth regularly to monitor the activities of human beings.

The secretive TR-3B was allegedly developed by the US Air Force as a part of a black project during the time of Gulf War. Also known as Black Triangle, these spacecraft usually hover in low altitudes across skies in a very silent manner.

The new sighting was reported just a month after another triangular UFO was spotted in California. The video, shared by conspiracy theory channel 'mavi777', shows an unidentified flying object with lights on each tip of its three-sided body, as well as one at the back that can be seen flashing frequently.

Even though rumors surrounding TR-3B have been circulating since the beginning of the Gulf War, the US Air Force has never confirmed the existence of the widely speculated secret vessel.

The increased number of triangular UFO sightings post-2017 have compelled many conspiracy theorists to believe that the US Air Force is secretly conducting a black operation in the skies. Many even believe that top Air Force officials in the US military used to visit aliens in the skies after travelling in such aircraft.