In an interview with them, they told us about how crazy they are when they travel, and how only that craziness makes them travel this much.
The year hasn't ended and they've been to 11 countriesalready!

We asked them all the questions you've wanted to ask them yourself and here are all their secrets to a successfully full travel journal:

How long have you been traveling together?

  • just about two years

Where all have you been in that time?

  • from Delhi to Dubai at least 10 times when Brinda decided to look for a job and settle, one crazy long trip around the northern Indian border, multiple times to Uttrakhand just for respite, Iceland, Turkey, Copenhagen, Norway, Nepal, Prague, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria, just this year!

Do you travel full time?

  • No! We don't believe in giving up your job to travel. We manage very easily with ours!

How do you take out time from your crazy work schedules?

  • You have to be passionate enough about traveling to see holiday opportunities here and there. Every long weekend is a trip for us, every public holiday is an opportunity to use our allowed leaves to extend into a long holiday, and taking 5 working days off between weekends for an awesome 9 day off is our go to!

Why travel?

  • We can't stay in one place (haha)

How can you afford traveling?

  • Because we have jobs! Which is exactly why we try promoting traveling while having a job! We meticulously plan our travels before hand, and decide budget based on where we're going and how long we're going for, and collect and plan our daily life accordingly. If we can do it, anyone can!

Anything you'd like to say to the readers?

  • Follow your passion. Nothing should stop you from following what you love to do. We still have our jobs because it's a much more stable and practical sense of practice; it helps us stay focused and funds for all the adventure we're always seeking. And where there's a will, there's a way! Pack those bags, the world is your oyster!

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