Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh

Somewhere we all love travelling, exploring new destinations going to places we haven't been to, in our leisure time, to explore the unexplored. But very few of us would make it a full-time job. Off late we have been hearing about people who have a passion for travelling, leaving their other full-time jobs or profession and becoming Travel bloggers, people who visit places and share experiences and advice about travelling.

Sahib Singh or @travellingindian, that is how he is popular on social media, is one such travel blogger. More than 30k people follow him on Instagram. He is Delhi University commerce graduate and a sportsperson (played badminton at the national level, and is a certified advanced scuba diver), who belongs to the beautiful town of Mandi of picturesque Himachal Pradesh. About asking what drove him to become a travel blogger he says " As a sportsperson, I would visit many places to play matches but could hardly explore those places as we had to pack bags once the matches were over, and I would always find myself keen to revisit and know more about those places and share my experiences. That's how I kind of knew within that travelling and knowing places, people and culture is my passion, and I turned it to the profession so that it doesn't die under any circumstances."

At an age of 25, Sahib Singh has visited numerous countries and places like Singapore, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and many more. He is an ardent believer in sustainable tourism. He says "most of us do not behave as responsible tourists we damage the nature and beauty of the places by just acting irresponsibly. I endorse sustainable travelling through my writings and blogs because off late we have been silent viewers watching beautiful places turning into garbage dumps. We do not care about how we are destroying our beautiful mother nature. Through my blogs, I do not only share my travel experience but advice too to become a sustainable traveller."

Egypt and Philippines are till now his favourite travel destinations, Egypt for the cultural similarities with India and the way people still follow and nurture their age-old cultural values and traditions that most of the civilizations have forgotten and Philippines for its beautiful unexplored beaches. He says not many Indians travel Philippines, but I would certainly suggest exploring the beauty of that country. He says, "Being a scuba diver, I love exploring more and more unexplored beaches but with caution as I don't want to harm the natural beauty of the place and certainly don't want to disturb marine life."

Through his travel blog and Instagram presence he wants to inspire people to travel more as travelling enhances your lifetime experiences, you get to know people, cultures, places and you admire how much nature has gifted us and we become wiser and more humble.