The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, Indore
The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, Indore Base.The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, Indore/Facebook

A training aircraft at Madhya Pradesh Flying Club has crashed in Indore base on Wednesday, leaving two injured.

The two instructors on board the aircraft have reportedly suffered severe injuries and have been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The sources told NDTV that the Cessna 152 aircraft crashed within the Indore aerodrome, near the airfield boundary. The reason behind the crash has not been confirmed yet.

"The aircraft on training sortie crashed near the boundary wall of the airport," Superintendent of Police Abid Khan told PTI.

The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club Ltd was established on 9 October 1951 in Indore. At present, there are 50 trainee pilots at the Indore base.

The club has earlier provided training to Indian Air Force Pilots. The flying club operates several aircrafts including Cessna 152/A, Cessna 172R and Multi engine Six Seater aircraft P-68C-TC, Baron G58 and six - seater P-68C-TC, according to the official website.