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"The Walking Dead" spinoff show has finally received a title, and fans of AMC's zombie apocalypse aren't too stoked.

Comic book writer and creator of "The Walking Dead" Robert Kirkman announced the news on his Twitter page, writing: "IT'S OFFICIAL! The walking dead companion show on AMC is called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! Expect more news very soon! #FearTheWalkingDead."

Although Kirkman appeared jubilant, fans have been bashing the name, with many calling it uninspired and lame.

"I'd like to know the annual salary of the folks who came up with the title FEAR THE WALKING DEAD," read a comment on Twitter. "I know the walking dead companion series is gonna bring in a lot of poc roles but fear the walking dead is such a lame spinoff name wtf," another fan wrote on the microblogging site.

"Fear The Walking Dead? What a lame title. I'm surprised they didn't go down the route of 'The Walking Dead Saga: Cash Grab' #TheWalkingDead," yet another fan noted.

So what's the companion series all about? The drama will focus on two families based in Los Angeles and their struggle to survive during the zombie apocalypse. The central characters will be a male divorced teacher, played by Cliff Curtis, and a female guidance counsellor (Kim Dickens), and her two children.

While majority are clearly unhappy with the title, many speculate that the title could indicate an eventual meeting with Rick's group in "The Walking Dead." In one of the earlier episodes, Rick, the character played by Andrew Lincoln, told his group they are the Walking Dead, and some believe the new show could be about these two families who are scared of Rick.

However, Kirkman earlier noted that the two shows won't have anything in common, other than that both exist in the zombie-infested world.

"It's a really different location with completely different people, so we are going to see an entirely different corner of the 'Walking Dead' world," Kirkman told IGN. "The spinoff has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we've all sold out. So that's something we're all working hard towards doing, and I think we can pull it off. I think that the ideal situation is, when you're watching the spinoff, you're like, 'Wow, this is a really awesome show.' The whole other show doesn't need to exist for this show to be cool and stand on its own."

"Fear the Walking Dead" will air its first trailer after Sunday's season 5 finale of "The Walking Dead." The series will air its six-episode first season sometime this summer.