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Actress Taapsee Pannu has found herself in boiling waters for her way of promoting director Anubhav Sinha's upcoming film Mulk by allegedly playing religion card to fill in their box office banks.

The promotional strategy irked film trade analyst and critic Sumit Kadel among other Twitter users who have accused the makers of Mulk of creating a divide and spread hate among Hindu-Muslim unity.

Quoting one of Pannu's posts about Mulk, Kadel expressed his displeasure with the way she was promoting the film and urged her not to stop creating a divide among society and using Muslim community in order to make their film commercially hit.

"Dear @taapsee if your film #Mulk is well made & content is strong then it will surely work at the BO. Please dont indulge in creating divide in society & among hindu muslims to make your film commercially HIT. Stop using our muslim community for your"Commercial " benefits," Kadel tweeted.

"Makers & actors of #Mulk are playing religion card to hog limelight, its a new way of film promotions by creating atmosphere of hatred. Sad but truth. Politicians treat Muslims as a vote bank.. Some filmmakers are treating & using muslims as a "Box office Bank" DISGRACEFUL," he added.

Kadel's sharp remarks were in reference to Pannu's tweet in which she had shared a still from Mulk featuring herself and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor arguing in a courtroom. The image had a message which reads, "12% of non-Muslims have jokingly called their friends 'Pakistani' at least once."

His razor-sharp comments poked Pannu who then shot back at Kadel asking him to stop being delusional and telling her how the logic of films works for them.

"I don't think u need to explain that logic of films and how they work to any of us Sumit :) but let's ask some LOGICAL questions to yourself and all of us before you shove this issue under the carpet yet again. #StopBeingDelusional," Pannu replied.

Responding to Pannu's knife-like reply, Kadel slammed her in a series of tweets and clarified that he was not objecting to the film but the way it is being promoted. He also requested the makers of Mulk to stop creating an atmosphere of fear and hate among communities with their promotional strategy and let the film do the talking.

The movie, which stars Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles, is a courtroom drama about restoring the honour of a Muslim family accused of treason.

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