Popular luggage-maker brand Samsonite is planning to introduce a revolutionary suitcase with Bluetooth-based Track&Go beacon device, which can be monitored via a smartphone.

According to a study, around 24.1 million baggages got "mishandled" around the world in 2014. Out of the total, 85 percent were reported to have been returned to the rightful owner, while the rest were permanently lost.

Now, the things are about to change for good as Samsonite in association with Google have succeeded in incorporating Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs), an open privacy/security protocol-based Bluetooth beacon device, Track&Go, in luggages.

"As Samsonite is known for its innovative and reliable luggage and bags, we also wanted to work with an equally as innovative and reliable technology partner. By leveraging Google's robust, secure and cross-platform approach, we feel confident that our customers will welcome this new solution," Ramesh Tainwala, CEO of Samsonite, said in a statement.

How Track&Go-based luggage tracking system work?

A traveler with Samsonite's Travlr app on a smartphone can track their luggage fitted with Track&Go device up to 70 meters radius and be able to know if it is moving away or coming close to them.

If it goes beyond the 70 meter-radius, users can flag the luggage as lost and ask fellow Travlr users to help locate it.

The more members in the Travlr app community, it becomes more easier for the user to track the lost baggage, the company said.

Samsonite has announced that the new Track&Go-based luggage series will be initially introduced in the European market by the end of 2016 and later in other international regions.