Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) recently shared details of the finance schemes it has rolled out for new car purchases in the current month. So, first of all, finance deals on all Toyota BS6 models—from the Glanza to the Camry—come with deferred EMI payments for up to 90 days on purchases made this month. Plus, all models now come with a zero down payment option as well.

Secondly, if you have your eyes set on the Glanza, or the Yaris (or both), but something on the lines of "I don't know what would its resale value be in a few years' time" is playing in your mind, then do not worry as Toyota has also announced assured buyback on both the vehicles.

Toyota says that it has also closely worked with its finance partners to offer payment relief plans to aspiring customers. We already told you about the zero down payment option. Additionally, you may also avail their "Rs 899 per lakh" EMI scheme for the first six months for all Toyota vehicles.

I'm not sure whether the Vellfire is included. But I'm almost certain that a Vellfire buyer won't be reading this piece. His/her financial advisor might though, so Toyota should ideally have clarified.

Toyota Vellfire
Toyota VellfireToyota

However, that shouldn't be an issue as that finance chap may give a missed call or text "Hi" to 83-676-83-676 (we've written the number like that to make it easier for you to remember it; please don't put hyphens while dialing) and obtain that information from the recently started "Toyota Official Whatsapp" service. Please note that this service is available for anyone and everyone (you don't have to be the aforementioned finance chap necessarily), and you may use it to get the details about new car purchases, buy/sell/exchange existing vehicles, book a service appointment, request for breakdown services, or to even provide feedback on services. Excellent.

Toyota Innova Touring Sport
Toyota Innova Touring SportToyota

I have just one question though: why have an option of "request for breakdown services" when your vehicles just never break down, Toyota? Anyway, let me conclude this story with a snapshot of the finance schemes available on the Toyota you have in mind. No, the Supra isn't in it, yet.

Toyota cars finance schemes summary
Toyota cars finance schemes summaryToyota