As the cases reported on the novel coronavirus keeps burgeoning per day, the need for social distancing, self-isolation, and personal hygiene has become the most mandatory of all precautions.

Considering these aspects, the Indian railway has come with a pioneering innovation that would save millions from contracting the highly contagious virus while on board.

indian railways
indian railways washbasin. Representational.

In a recent news update, the Indian Railway has announced the development of a washbasin in which the water tap and the soap dispenser are mechanically operated without touch.

According to the East Central Railway (ECR) spokesperson, the modified washbasin has been developed by the Barwadih Wagon Care Centre of the Dhanbad Division.

A washbasin of dual-purpose

The newly designed hand washbasin doesn't require the travellers to touch the tap knob to turn on and off the water flow, nor the soap dispenser.

To use the modified basin, the person will have to press the lever by foot and water and soap will be dispensed. "An easy to make and easy to use system has been developed by our innovative staff," the ECR official said. He also added that it could very much help in containing the COVID-19 spread.

indian railways
indian railways pipe. representational

All railway services suspended

After the Prime Minister's announcement of the 21 days national lockdown, the Indian Railways too had suspended all of its services across the country, so as to curb the mass movement and the viral spread thereby.

Only freight train services are being run to ensure the supply of essential items across the country. Meanwhile, the Railways is also manufacturing masks, sanitisers, aprons, medical beds, IV stands, stools, modified wash basins and other medical equipment at its production centres.

indian railways
indian railways

On Sunday, the number of Covid-19 patients in India reached 979 with 25 deaths reported across the country.