Total War: Rome 2
Total War: Rome 2 was released on Sept 3.Facebook/ Total War

Creative Assembly, the developers of strategy game Total War: Rome 2 has announced a new update that will fix some of the bugs and will add a new faction and official mod support to the game.

The Seleucid Empire will be the new addition to the ancient factions in the game, which were carved out when the empire of Alexander the Great dissolved after his death.   

"The Seleucids are renowned for their city building and civil engineering, driving Greek colonisation and Hellenization. Furnished with expert cavalry, including cataphracts, horse skirmishers and war elephants, Seleucid armies also sport a solid core of excellent spear and pike infantry provided by a growing number of Greek-speaking colonists," described the official wiki. This wiki also provides more information on the historical aspect than on the gameplay aspect.

The faction of Seleucid will be a free content provided by it developer.

Apart from the addition of the new faction, Steam Workshop support from the studio has also been included allowing players to download mods that will be programmed by the community. It was also revealed that The Workshop was in beta testing for some time now. This support has been modified after being in testing for some time allowing players to fine-tune their historical battles with personal tastes.

Along with these additions, the update will be bringing Patch 5 to the game that will make various improvements and will fix the problem of AI interface, rare crashes, slow down / performance hit.

The patch will also allow Barbarians and Easterners to build military ports in minor settlements. Check out the complete patch notes here.

Total War: Rome 2 was released on Sept 3 for PC.