Total War Rome 2
Total War Rome 2 gets new campaign expansion on 12 December. (Twitter)

Total War Rome 2's first campaign expansion, titled Caesar in Gaul, has been announced by Sega. This new expansion pack will allow players to select four playable factions: Gallic Arverni, Germanic Suebi, Belgic Nervii and Rome.

The playable factions have been inspired by Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. "We've always planned to focus more closely on some of the key conflicts of the ancient world, and Caesar's war in Gaul is the ideal place to start," said Mike Simpson, creative director of Total War series, CVG reported.

"We've also improved the game considerably since launch, and that process continues as we move onto substantial feature and gameplay improvements."

Caesar in Gaul expansion pack has numerous features like:

  • New campaign map - The map has been expanded to include Gual and southern Britannia. This will allow players to conquer 18 provinces with details of resources, settlements, capitals and new environmental effects.
  • Focus on characters - Players can play the characters of Caesar and Vercingetorix who are characters of power and glory
  • 24 turns per year and seasons - The timespan of the campaign is split into turns for the in-game years, with the change in calendars, seasons, gameplay effects.
  • New mid-game challenge mechanics - The game has mechanics that match the conflict environment, e.g., Roman players will have trouble with the tribes as they rebel and form alliances, and players who have chosen to play as barbarians will have to face Rome's heavy intervention forces from Gaul.
  • Compact, focussed multiplayer campaign - Players will feel that the scope of the geography is smaller with a smaller faction-roster. It is less-time consuming to play 2-player campaigns.
  • New historical battle - The last of Gallic War, battle of Alesia has to be fought by the player taking on the role of Caesar as he is outnumbered by the enemy.
  • New playable factions - The game has numerous playable factions that can be unlocked in full Rome 2 Campaign, like the Nervii, the Boii and the Galatians.
  • Newer units - New battlefield units can be unlocked for the Boii, the Galatians, the Nervii and the Gallic tribes. There are also new auxiliary and mercenary units in the game.

Total War Rome 2 will cost $14.99 and will be released on 12 December.