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Following the unexpected shut down of the popular torrent search site Kickass Torrents two weeks ago, another renowned BitTorrent meta-search engine has gone dark., along with all of its domains, is no longer operational and the reason behind the blackout remains unknown.

Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines," is the message displayed on Torrentz homepage.

While trying to run a search, Torrentz redirects users to the same page and displays another message "Torrentz will always love you. Farewell." There was no indication of the site's demise before the abrupt shut down, but it had earned a 186th Alexa rank just before it went dark, disappointing millions of daily visitors.

According to Softpedia, all of Torrentz domains, including .ME, .CH, and .IN, as well as the HTTPS site displays the same message. This means the site's reign finally ends after 13 years.

Torrentz was launched shortly before The Pirate Bay and it was one of the oldest torrent sites around. Initially, the site only hosted torrent sites, but it later started serving as a meta-search engine. Due to its fame and a dedicated user-base, Torrentz was more often than not reported to the U.S. Government by RIAA and MPAA for its notorious actions.

Torrentz hasn't revealed the reason behind its demise.

There are two possibilities. One being the continued legal pressure on torrent sites has been building up and resulted in the shutdown of Kickass Torrents. Prominent players such as The Pirate Bay and YTS (YIFY) were previously shut down by the authorities, but TPB found a way to resurrect.

The loss of and gone has left a vast hole in the piracy world. It is upon other operational sites to fill the void. Below are some of the piracy sites that are still functional:

The Pirate Bay
Lime Torrent
Extra Torrent