After observing the recent discoveries with regard to 3D printing technology, we have decided to provide you with a round-up story at the end of every month.

In this story we have mentioned this month's top six discoveries in 3D printing technology. Since 3D Printing covers a wide spectrum of technology, we won't be able to feature each discovery in the series, but will pick the top six among them. Following are the top six discoveries for the month of January, 2015:

  • Glove One
    Glove One: The 3D Printed Smartphone Glove - How would it be if you get a smartphone built into your hand? Well, a professional technology artist - Bryan Cera - has 3D printed a glove which will fit into your palm and give you all the goodness of a smartphone. The glove allows you to call someone through a simple gesture.3dprinting dot com
  • MeshMixer, the 3D Printed beer Shooters
    MeshMixer, the 3D Printed beer Shooters - Instructable community manager Mike has designed another gun through 3D printing. Unlike the bullet firing 3D printed gun, this shooter will eject beer instead. The gun will keep your hand from getting cold and will keep the beer chilled. Amazing, isn't it?3dprinting dot com
  • Winsun developed 6-story real life villa
    Winsun developed a 6-storey real life villa. Following the Andy Rudenko's 3D Printed Castle, China-based Winsun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has developed an entire 6-storey apartment at SuZhou Industrial Park. Measuring 1,100 sqaure meter, this real life home saved 60 percent materials, 70 percent less construction time and 80 percent of less labour cost.3dprinting dot com
  • Kraft 3D Prints Modular Thumbstick Extentions for Handicapped Video Gamers
    Kraft 3D Prints Modular Thumbstick Extentions for Handicapped Video Gamers - Make Magazine editor Caleb Kraft has developed a modular thumbstick extension which will allow physically disabled people to play console-based games. The thumbstick can be customized according to the need and can be paired with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.3dprinting dot com
  • Eddie- The 3D Printed Balanced Bot
    Eddie - The 3D Printed Balanced Bot - A Teledyne employee named Renee has developed a 3D printed balanced bot using a Solidoodle 4 3D Printer. Renee has used Google Sketchup to draw the model, an Intel Edison processor and Linux operating system. Eddie equips a head-mounted camera and can be controlled via a remote.3dprinting dot com
  • PancakeBot 3D Printer
    PancakeBot 3D Printer - A 3D printer for making your breakfast pancakes. PancakeBot has a tank for batter and another one for maple or some other kind of syrup. PanckaeBot can print one layer of batter in a go and can make a pancake in a whip.3dprinting dot com