The 3D printing technology has undergone lots of innovations and discoveries including new models, new design concepts and new printers in February 2015. Apart from the commercial aspects, 3D printing has seriously started contributing for the benefit of mankind.

This month, developers were able to print clay model sculptures and created murals through 3D printing, which are able to help the visually impaired people to feel the artworks.

However, these innovations are going through a lot of controverseries since several creative artists feel technology should keep itself apart from the world of art and creativity. Standing on a neutral point what we can only say is 3D printing technology is moving very rapidly and soon it will become a major technology, which will take the world into its stride soon.

  • 3D Printed Jet Engine
    Jet Engine: Researchers at Amaero Engineering and Monash University, Melbourne Australia have been able to create couple of Jet Engines through 3D printing. The latest engines are obviously cheaper, lighter, cost-effective and above all more fuel-efficient. They used 3D scanning techniques the measure the shape of the jet engines. They then created the engines by using a high-powered laser. They fused powdered nickel, titanium or aluminium into the shapes of the objects. The first engine took them 12 months to
  • Solar Tree
    Solar Tree: A dew things are still beyond science like printing trees. Scientists are still not been able to print a real tree even using the advanced bioprinting techniques. But last month scientists at the Technical Centre of Finland have come up with an alternative edition. Using organic and solder cells they had been able to 3D print a tree. Moreover, the tree is able to harvest solar and kinetic
  • Coke Bottles
    Coke Bottles: Invented in 1915, the Coca Cola bottle design stepped into 100 this year. Shapeways, an American company, has been able to print 500 prototype of the Award winning Root Glass design. The 3D printed editions are now kept at Coca Cola Museum's 1st
  • Katy Parry
    Katy Perry: The sensation of 3D printing is increasing everyday among pop artists. Recently Kele released a 3D printed record, Klaxons went for a 3D printed tours and moreover the Black Eyed Peas singer has teamed up with 3D System. Now Katy Perry has signed a deal with Legal Effects for creating pops for Parry's backup dancers. Through the deal Legal Effects has made helmets using 3D printing and LED light technology to extra splash in her live
  • Christ the Redeemer
    Christ the Redeemer: For printing an object's prototype through 3D printing technology you always need to scan the original object first. Until January 2015 people, were sceptical if someone can 3D scan the 38-metre-tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. But scientists from the NEXT lab at PUC University, Rio de Janeiro made it possible through a partnership with 3D scanning company Pix4D and drone manufacturer Aeryon. They used a single drone to click 3,584 images out of which 2,090 were used to scan the famous
  • 3D Printed Violins
    3D Printed Violins: Making musical instruments through 3D printing technology is not a new addition in the industry. We have already wrote about 3D printed guitars which can be played like a real guitar. Now CNET spotted a 3D Printed violin with an unusual look. Printed by Monad Slated, an architecture, the violin will be exhibited at the 3D Printshow in New York from 16 to 19 April 2015.CNET/ Screenshot