Zoom, the viral video conferencing app races to the top in India, surpassing Instagram, Tik Tok, and WhatsApp. With more than 10 crore downloads on the Android devices in India, Zoom is amongst the top free apps available on Google Play Store.

"King of the Quarantine Economy"

Touted as the "King of Quarantine Economy" by AdWeek, Zoom has now gained the official top spot surpassing the popular social media apps. The popular video conferencing solution gained immense traction following the nationwide lockdown imposed by the Indian government on 24th March.

In a post-coronavirus work, where hundreds and thousands of people are locked inside their homes, Zoom offers a unique opportunity to connect to people outside. From work conferences to friend meet-ups, Zoom allows high-quality video conferencing from the comfort of your home.

Zoom app to the rescue
Zoom app to the rescueZoom

Unique Business Solution

Apart from the one-on-one video conferencing feature, the app also allows group meetings that help office administration connect with their employees in real-time. The free version of the app can connect up to 100 participants for 40 minutes of free calling. However, with a paid service, the number of participants can be increased to 500 and the 40-minute restriction can also be removed.

Additionally, the screen sharing feature also helps enterprises share presentations in a virtual meeting group.

Amid lockdown, these business-centric features have helped businesses to transition their operations virtually via the Zoom app, thereby leading to widespread adoption.

Zoom app to the rescue
Zoom app to the rescueZoom

With most of the office going people working from home, this service has become one of the most sought after in India as it specializes in remote working software as well as video conferencing.

Weathering the Storm

The top position comes after the recent case when Zoom drew a lot of flak when a tech website Motherboard reported that the iOS app was sharing user data with Facebook, even when the user not on the social networking site. However, the video conferencing app acted swiftly and launched an update to prevent the iOS app from sharing data with Facebook.