Indian rapper and playback singer Baba Sehgal is quite active on Twitter and has a different style of expressing his thoughts via tweets. Recently he made headlines with his latest song video, "The Party is in Goa".

Apart from his funny and weird music videos, Sehgal has found another hilarious way to show his talent to everyone. The rapper posts several tweets,  in which he uses his rapping and rhyming skills.

Sehgal is also an actor and composer, who is popular for his work in Indipop and Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu cinemas. 'Thanda Thanda Paani' (remake of 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice), 'Dil Dhadke' and 'Manjula' are a few of his hits.

He is India's first rapper to join the Indipop bandwagon and released an album that is still often played on MTV India. The king of 'desi rap' will reportedly soon appear in a cameo in "Bank Chor", which features Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi in the lead.

While the singer's recent video has grabbed attention due to the makers who photo-shopped the location (Goa) in a weird manner, the singer is already grabbing attention on social media for his sense of humour. 

Let's take a look at few of his hilarious tweets of 2015:

crowd cheering is applause, lovable & popular that he IS and WAS, please welcome 1 & only SANTA CLAUS, Merry Christmas

water giraogey toh wet ho jaogey, quarter lagaogey toh set ho jaogey..

mere DP mein laal hai, 2015 ab jaane wala saal hai, aur batao baby kya haal hai ?

weekend par zaroori hai whisky ya rum, I do not get drunk, I get awesome..

meri awaaz hee pehchaan hai, center mein nose side mein kaan hai..

bari barsi khatan gaya si, khat ke leandi common sense, bangla paisa gaadi hai phir kis baat ki hai intolerance, balle balle ho gayi hai..

dangal release ke pehle hee dangal ho gaya, english mein forest, hindi mein jungle ho gaya..

sunday is ravivaar, english mein four hindi mein chaar, kabhi try karo only paratha with achaar..

intention meri saaf hai, zoo mein giraffe hai, kahin pauva kahin half hai, baby u didn't know ki knee key neechey calf hai ?

pardes jaake pardesiya, POOL na jaana piya..

gaata rahe mera dil, aaj lunch ka tu hee dena bill..

kajal is mascara, mercury is paara, bolo tara ra ra..

suri asked puri, did u watch noorie? puri replied to suri, vohi noorie jiski aankhen hai bhoori?

sagar kinare dil yeh pukare, where r u anna hazare ?

tum aaye zindagi mein, baat ban gayi, samosa mein chutney daali, chaat ban gayi..