Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29
Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29BBC

"Top Gear" Season 23 began on a rough note and things may have got from bad to worse with the previously-aired episode 2. The apparent dip in ratings, however, does not seem to be affecting the show's host Chris Evans.

Previous reports have shown that Evan's hosting styles, especially his jokes about former host Jeremy Clarkson, made a majority of audience members angry. The Independent has now reported that only 2.8 million people tuned in to see episode 2 of "Top Gear" Season 23, as opposed to 4.8 million that saw the premiere episode.

Most of this unpopularity is attributed to Evans and his shouting, and his co-host Matt LeBlanc seems to be gaining popularity. Despite the fans' misgivings about "Joey" of "FRIENDS" hosting the beloved BBC show, LeBlanc's passion for cars has won the Brits over.

Meanwhile, Evans continues to insist that fans love his show. "Everyone is entitled to their opinions, of course they are... Those people have a loudhailer and that's fine, and by the way, bring it on. That's what I expected," Express quoted Evans as saying. He further adds, "I've got enough feedback back to know that enough people like it and love it, actually."