Here are top 6 most popular of all viral videos that did their rounds in the internet this gone-by year 2014.
Here are top 6 most popular of all viral videos that did their rounds in the internet this gone-by year 2014.YouTube/ Screenshot

2014 was a year of many interesting trends -- one being viral videos. These videos fall in different genres; some were scary, some cute while others were just bizarre. Most importantly, these left us with something to think about.

We have rounded up top-6 most popular of all viral videos that smashed the internet this year. So, as the year draws to a close, let's checkout some videos that got everyone talking.

Woman Catcalled in NYC: If one has even the slightest of inclination towards watching YouTube videos, he should have heard this story. A video apparently showing street harassment of a woman in New York went viral with millions of views thousands of comments – sparking world-wide conversation about street harassment and catcalling

Grandmas Smoke Weed for First Time: This one was funny, adorable, entertaining and bit controversial to some. Three grannies were filmed smoking weed for the first time and the world-wide reactions it garnered were priceless. It was watched over 17.8 million times.

Sider Dog: There is nothing creepier than a pet dog dressed like a giant spider, chasing and causing terror among people who came in its way. The video "Mutant Giant Spider Dog" was the most watched YouTube video in September with over 44 million views.

DTVA Reporter Quits On Air: A video where a reporter, Charlo Greene quit live on air went viral after it was initially published on 22 September. She made the sensational on-air announcement that she was quitting after saying she was the founder of the AK Cannabis club.

Solange Attacks Jay Z – They say that one of the biggest mysteries that will ever remain unsolved is why Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator – a sensational revelation made by a leaked footage earlier this year.

'I Can't Breathe': Eric Garner – This was the most controversial video, widely thought to portray police brutality in the United States. The death of Eric Garner catalysed into a never-before movement with protesters calling for death sentence for the officer who caused his 'choke-hold' death.

 The disturbing video shows the father of three being attacked by an infamous officer as he mutters the now-viral words, "I can't breathe" – the phrase that was top trend on Twitter for over a week last month.