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Be perfectly honest to yourself, take your right hand and place it on the left side of your chest, and ask yourself why you really end up playing GTA 5 day after day.

Is it because of the single-player storyline that you are religiously bent upon completing to find out what happens to Michael, Trevor and Francis? Or is it just to run around the vast open world and create as much mayhem as possible? We are guessing that most of you will be rooting for option number two.

And if that's really the case, know that you double the intensity of that mayhem by just employing a few mods into the game that will give you new scenarios, weapons and even open up GTA 5 in a way that you never knew before.

So if you are wondering about the top mods that have been made for the game so far, look no further as here is an updated list of the top six mods that you definitely need to check out as soon as possible.

Free Willy Loose Downtown

While the folks over at PETA will take massive offence in this one, the Free Willy mod unleashes a mammoth whale that you can fly across the city and create your own collage of mayhem with. Taming wild animals have never been so fun.

Angry Planes are Angry

So you thought only you have the god-like power of bringing death to all the infidels. Try the Angry Planes mod and see if you can get out of this one alive. The mod sees every pilot in the sky wanting to take you out – either via missiles or by the infamous Kamikaze technique.

iCEnhancer Graphics Augmenter

If you couldn't have enough of the iCEnhancer with GTA 4, know that everyone's favourite mod is back in business with GTA 5. The mod has been updated to make San Andreas look even more breathtaking, while reducing fog and even offering improved water reflections. This mod is a sort of icing on a tasty cake that is GTA 5.

Good Day! Here's a Gun

This is probably the craziest mod that we have come across for GTA 5 so far. Unleashing the mod sees a GTA 3 cheat-esqe scenario that gives guns to every other civilian in the city. But compared to the cheat for GTA 3, this one has been updated to an extent that you can customise their aggressiveness and even decide what weapons each of them will carry.

Shoot Cars... Because Bullets are Too Mainstream

The mother of all ironies: Pick up the mod, apply it and take out pedestrians by launching a cop car or an ambulance towards them. This one never gets old, and before long, you will find it as your primary mod over others, depending on just the sheer level of fun involved.

Gravity Gun (Sir Isaac Would Have been Proud)

The Gravity Gun mod is something that has been imported from the Half-Life universe and does exactly what you expect it to do. Apply the mod and find yourself picking up cars, NPCs and almost anything in mid-air, and then hurling them towards anything that's obstructing your homicidal thought process.