For most of us, monsoon is our favourite season, we enjoy the first spell of showers, the first sound of thunder and lightning, the fragrance of wet mud. We love dancing in the rains or simply enjoy watching the showers. there is so much more to this season.

Aha! how can we forget food and rains, tea and vada-pav (if you are a true blue Mumbaikar), the chats if you are a Delhite and puchkas if you are Kolkatain every state as their own speciality?

Isn't it!

jazz up during monsoon

And if food isn't enough, fashion is one thing that is often our mind. The monsoon shopping list is endless, from buying fancy umbrellas to neon gumboots to waterproof pouches to protect our phones and bags, eyeing on fancy and bright windcheater and raincoats, our list is endless.

But this time things are going to be different for us, as coronavirus is in the air and we can't go out like those carefree times we did earlier. So, what we can obviously jazz up by sitting at home. As most of us are working from home we might as well not kill our sentiments attached to this season.


Without much ado, it is time to get monsoon ready and jazz up our wardrobe to beat the coronavirus blues.

Twist in vogue as we welcome cotton and embroidered masks and colourful waterproof gloves because we are in corona times!


Here are six fashion tips to keep your style on point this monsoon amid COVID-19


monsoon gloves


Gloves: Colourful, waterproof gloves are a must, you won't be stepping down much, but just in case you get down to but essentials you need a good pair of gloves. So don't let your heart sink just order online before it gets stocked out.



Masks: Wear bright colours mask, especially cotton ones, they are safe,  also make sure it's colourful. You can be in vogue by matching your outfit with a pair of mask and gloves. If you are going to get down dor essentials get ready like a boss! Take a selfie and post, 'monsoon during COVID-19 times'. I assure you feel happy.



Pop of colour: You can dress up for zoom calls or meeting, or virtual date that you have been waiting for. When you can work from home, you can date from home as well. Dedicated to all the single girls.  Opt for hues of yellow, orange, reds and blues are ruling major runways!

The ideal way to beat the dull weather and brighten up an otherwise gloomy day during the monsoon is by adorning a bright-coloured costume. Keep away whites and pastels that can add up on your laundry bag and bill, and flaunt bright colours such as fuchsia pinks, sprightly blues, bright yellows and other such happy colours. 



Light-weight fabrics: Wear comfy outfits even when you are home and monsoon friendly clothes while doing household chores. Opt for lighter fabrics and as you are also working for office at home, so deck up well. Wear gabardine, denim and crepe silk they are monsoon friendly fabrics. Cotton fabrics are a wise choice because you can stay fresh for long.

mens fashion


Keep it short and smart: As you won't be going on the streets, enjoy the weather in short-length dresses, pants and trousers. Men, can also flaunt smart shorts or roll up your chinos with flats for a casual and suave look for virtual meetings.



Stylish raincoats:  The days you are going out, jazz up your monsoon ensemble with the right raincoat or windcheater. Go for a bright pink, yellow or orange raincoat is perfect for an overcast day while browns and beiges are neutral shades that work well on any day. If you are keen to show off your attire, then go for a transparent raincoat in neon colours. In case you are looking at buying a stylish raincoat,  you can start shopping now. As unlock 1 will start soon and you might be the lucky one whose zone might re-open and you might get a chance to walk in the rains.


Till we get rid of this pandemic. Stay home, safe stay and stay trendy!

Happy Monsoon Guys!