Ronnie James Dio
Ronnie James DioWikimedia Commons/Adam Bielawski

For most of the heavy metal connoisseurs, heavy metal=Ronnie James Dio; enough said.

The former Rainbow front man, who gave the world some of the best rock anthems ever - before forming his own band Dio only to produce even better songs, still manages to render "Heaven and Hell" to be an effective earworm.

Dio (1942-2010), who is credited for having popularized the sign of the horns amongst metal lovers, possessed an extraordinary vocal range and had the capacity to carry off hard rock and blues rock with equal ease. Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore once said "I felt shivers down my spine", while describing his experience of jamming with Dio.

Here's a look at some of Dio's greatest songs from his years with both Rainbow and Dio.

1) "Stargazer"

Easily the best Rainbow song ever made, "Stargazer" is a true example of guitarist Blackmore and drummer Cozy Powell's genius, which is well supplemented by Dio's powerful vocals.

2) "Holy Diver"

A Dio classic, "Holy Diver" was released in 1983 and shared its name with the album. The song is sure to be popular with gamers, after featuring in popular titles, such as "GTA: Vice City" and "Guitar Hero".

3) "Rainbow in the Dark"

Having claimed 13th spot in Vh1's Top 40 Greatest Metal Songs, "Rainbow in the Dark" is a song that will have you humming 'just a rainbow in the dark', even several hours after listening to the masterpiece.

4) "Don't Talk to Strangers"

Haven't you heard kids? Because they're only there to do you harm!

5) "We Rock"

Well known for being Dio's preferred closing song at his concerts, "We Rock" is a rather guilty pleasure for hardcore Dio fans.