Google Logo at Google Headquarters in Mountain View.
The Google logo is shown prior to the unveiling of the Nexus One Android smartphone, the first mobile phone the internet company will sell directly to consumers, during a news conference at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California January 5, 2010.Reuters

Web browsers are one of the key features on Android devices. A good Android browser with a variety of features and good performance can revamp the internet experience of the user.

Since finding the right internet browser for the device might be a difficult task, here are some of the best Android browsers, which might offer some new features and easy handling of the internet tabs.

Following are the best 5 free Android browsers: (Android Authority)

Baidu Browser

This Android browser enables the users to place their Windows tabs at the top according to their needs. This app also includes night mode, swipe navigation and a list of tolls to perform certain actions. Floating icons are also included in this browser which lets the users open the browser from anywhere.

The app also automatically hides the address bar and toolbar offering a bigger screen experience. Baidu is the most popular Android browser in China and is free-to-download.

  • Size and Android OS requirement varies with the device.

Download link.


Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers on desktops, which is now also available on Android device. The app allows users to sync the data with their desktop version of Firefox and get access to bookmarks along with certain add-ons. The app supports HTML5 format, along with a wide range of video playing formats.

The Firefox app is free-to-download from the Google Play Store.

  • Size varies with the device.
  • Requires Android 2.2 OS and later.

Download link.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is yet another popular internet browser for desktops and Android devices. The app offers direct syncing with the desktop version like Firefox and also includes features such as swipe navigation and unlimited number of browser tabs for user's ease.

The app also provides results as the user type, for faster browsing experience along with the offline page saving feature.

The app is also free for the Android users.

  • The app size varies with the device.
  • Requires Android 4.0 OS and later.

Download link.

Next Browser

Unlike many other browsers, the Next browser is said to focus on a speedy internet browsing and also works with older Android devices. The app also includes add-on options and is very small in size and uses very minimal amount of memory and power.

The browser comes with RSS feed reader and offline reading features.

The app is free-to-download from the Google play Store.

  • 5MB
  • Requires Android 2.2 OS and later.

Download link.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser works well with Android and also includes different themes with add-ons. The app sports a Speed Dial and Discover features to give users a better and entertaining browsing experience.

The app includes a built-in download manager for movies and music. The Opera Browser is free for Android users.

  • Size varies with the device
  • Requires Android 4.0 OS and later.

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