The Google logo at Google headquarters in Mountain View.
The Google logo is shown during a news conference at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California January 5, 2010.Reuters

Google's Android is generally preferred over other operating systems such as Windows and iOS thanks to its functionality and wide array of applications.

While many users try to settle down for free applications, there are some who won't think twice about shelling out a lot of money for some apps.

Here are five most expensive applications in the Android market  along with their download price and functions that consumers can probably do without.

-The Most Expensive Flash Light

Created by - BROUDING

Price - ₹10,000

What it does - Just a normal flashlight app for a smartphone with just two tabs on the whole screen On/Off.

Download link is here.

The Most Expensive Play App

Created by - Etay Cohen-Solal

Price - ₹10,000

What it does - User gets the 'Gold-Dices status sign' four visual widgets for their device.

Download link.

-The Most Expensive App

Created by - Vishnu Prasad

Price - ₹10,000

What it does - Displays a message saying that the user owns the most expensive app in the world.

Download link.

The Most Expensive App of all

Created by - SchizTech

Price - ₹10,000

What it does - Shows an image of a diamond saying that the owner has the most expensive app on Android.

Download link.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

Created by - DLP Mobile

Price - ₹10,000

What it does - Finally an app which can do one thing - create noise. To activate the Vuvuzela FIFA 2010 World Cup Horn, the user needs to shake the device. The same is done to stop the horn from blasting. So support your team and annoy others around at the same time for Rs 10,000.

Download link.

Besides THE Vuvuzela app and the Flashlight app, the other app pages show 1-5 installs. Adding to this, the Vuvuzela app leads with 50-100 installs.