Bohemia Interactive's H1Z1
Bohemia Interactive's

Open-world zombie games aren't anything new. While the whole concept of a zombie apocalypse prevailed since the days of the earliest Resident Evil games, developers in subsequent years tried improving the concept by placing the scenario in a massive open world. Just look at games like DayZ and Dying Light.

While both Dying Light and DayZ are zombie games based on your survival in the world, it is safe to say that each takes a different route to produce the elements of the survival scenario. Of course, we like what we saw in DayZ – a massive real life illustration of how an apocalypse actually pans out.

Like DayZ, Bohemia Interactive's latest zombie survival and open-world thriller H1Z1 has been developed on similar lines. Sure, the new game hasn't got the intensity of DayZ, but the crafting system in the game is an absolute bomb and takes the system up a notch, compared to that of DayZ.

There are a number of crafting recipes that are available in the game to make the most out of an otherwise hostile world. Loot is scarce and you have to travel long distances in search of food and water, so it's almost imperative that you make do with whatever is available. 

Here's a list of the top 5 crafting recipes in H1Z1 that will help you stay alive:

Crafting First Aid Kit
As you may expect, a First Aid Kit will offer a huge boost to your health. However, to make use of a First Aid Kit, you must first craft Saline – using 1 Purified Water and 1 Salt Packet. Once done, you will then have to combine the Saline with the Bandage to make a First Aid Kit. However, you can also loot First Aid Kits at various locations around the map.

Crafting Campfire
If you move around the open-world of H1Z1, you will come across a number of pre-built campfires. While that's a blessing in disguise, it's always better if you know how to craft one yourself (massive help in times of emergency). To craft a campfire, you will require 2 Wood Logs. You can easily get to Wood Logs with the help of your axe or hatchet.

Crafting Biofuel
Biofuel is as useful a resource as any, provided you have managed to find a car in the world that actually runs. While not many people know about it, you can always craft Biofuel with the help of 1 Animal Fat. To obtain Animal Fat, you have to hack down bodies of dead animals.

Crafting Makeshift Bow
A Makeshift Bow is one of those weapons for fresh spawns across the map that still don't have access to the likes of AR15s or Shotguns. Crafting a makeshift bow not only helps you get rid of zombies from a distance, they can also come handy when hunting animals. To craft a Makeshift Bow, you will require 1 Scrap of Cloth and 1 Wood Stick.

Crafting Blackberry Juice
Mining blackberries around the world gives you two units of health and hydration. No wonder, you will always come across blackberry bushes across the map. However, rather than collecting blackberries and eating them all at once to stay alive, you could always craft Blackberry Juice as a sort of refreshment on the go. To craft BlackBerry Juice, you will require 5 Blackberries and 1 Purified Water.

[Source: Prima Games]