Developer Bethesda has been over the moon, owing to the kind of crowd response Fallout 4 has received since its initial unveiling at this year's E3 event. The game was showcased once more at Gamescom 2015, where a host of new details were revealed.

The new Fallout 4 is definitely an upgrade over all the previous Fallouts in the series, and we don't think there are too many fans out there who would debate otherwise. Bethesda has since promised that the new Fallout will offer over 400 hours of gameplay and that the player will be accompanied by a new dog companion.

However, these were all major details derived from the revelation and gameplay trailers. But, there are a few subtle details that also came out from the gameplay trailers, which most of us missed out on initially. So, here's a look at the top 5 cleverly hidden Fallout 4 details you may have missed out on:

Weapons Can Be Renamed

While Bethesda has already put a lot of focus on heavy weapon customisation, it seems like the developer means more when it uses the word "customisation". Apart from the fact that players will be treated to over 50 base weapons, which can make use of changeable parts to create over 700 variations, it seems like players will also have the ability to rename their newly crafted weapons. This may be something new in the Fallout universe, but the feature has already been present in games such as Skyrim, and so it's not really a big surprise that Bethesda wanted to bring that aboard. Renaming your weapons not only makes them easy to find, but imagine the kind of goofy names you could come up with. We like the name 'Beggar's Trombone'.

You Can Now Sprint

For the past Fallout games, the concept of speed was directly related to the kind of weapon you are carrying – the heavier the weapon, the lesser would be your speed of movement. Needless to say, this feature was flawed and now Bethesda is making sure that players are treated to sprinting as a feature in the game. If you can make out from the game's initial trailer, when going through the SPECIAL syats form, there is now a section for Endurance. This means, depending on how many points you allocate to the Endurance feature, your character will be able to sprint accordingly.

Ranged Weapons Come With Melee Abilities

The level of weapons customisation Bethesda has got for Fallout 4 is mind-blowing. It seems like every attachment fits every weapon perfectly, and will have their own special uses when attached. And owing to that level of customisation, it seems like players will be able to melee enemies when up close, irrespective of whichever weapon they might be carrying. And if that doesn't ring a bell, remember when a 'Bayoneted Triple Barrel Missile Launcher' was briefly shown off during the Pip-Boy's live presentation?

Enemies Can Go Underground

We are not sure how far this feature will be stretched for the game, but going by whatever that was gathered from the initial reveal trailer, it seems like several enemies (especially molerats and radscorpions) will have the ability to burrow in the ground and then hit the player out of nowhere, when they are least expecting it. What this means is that whenever you are building a settlement, expect one or two such molerats or radscorpions to pop up from the ground and infest your settlement.

Customisation Overhaul for Power Armour

As it seems, the T-60 power armour is the most advanced armour model we have come across in any Fallout title. For Fallout 4, however, players will be able to choose and modify the material of the power armour, apart from painting them with different themes. Note that different paint jobs will grant you different bonuses to statistics like strength or charisma. Apart from that, it also seems like power armours will come with a functional headlamp which will help fight enemies in the dark.

Stay tune for more updates!

[Source: Gamerant]