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A number of keyboards have been released for Android smartphones in the Google Play Store in the form of downloadable apps.

These keyboards are for those who type a lot of messages and texts on their devices and who need a speedy and efficient typing pad as compared to the stock keyboard available.

Following are some of the Android keyboards which would enhance the typing experience of the users on their devices.

AI Type Keyboard Plus

This keyboard is said to be versatile as it offers a number of options inside its easy user interface. The keyboard is said to be well designed and fairly accurate as compared to SwiftKey keyboard.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $3.99 (Rs. 199.99) and takes up a size of 9.3MB. The app needs Android 2.1 and later to operate.

Hacker's Keyboard

One of the key features this application includes is its ability to set up the keyboard like users find on a Windows computer. Users can resize the keyboard and can set it based on screen rotation. This app is for those who are looking for a full sized keyboard in mobile handsets.

Hacker's Keyboard can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free and would take a minimal of 1.7MB size. This app requires Android 2.2 and later to operate.

Smart Keyboard PRO

Smart Keyboard PRO is said to feature much improved functionality as compared to its previous versions. One of the hallmark themes of this keyboard is still the Gingerbread which might make it appear bit old and outdated. However, other themes are available and the app which makes it worth giving a shot.

Smart Keyboard PRO can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $2.69 (Rs. 166.35) and would take up to 1.4MB of the devices storage. This app requires Android 1.5 OS and later to operate.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is considered one of the best available keyboards and is known for its predictive text functionality. It is also called one of the best trace keyboards. There are also tablet keyboard options available along with option of moving the keyboard to one side of the screen when working on large phones.

SwiftKey keyboard is available to download from Google Play Store $1.99 (Rs. 50). The apps size varies on the device used and requires Android 2.2 and later to run.


Swype is said to be included by different OEMs in their handsets as a pre-installed application. This app is known for its accurate gesture typing along with a clean and smooth user interface. This keyboard is the only one which is often considered over SwiftKey.

Swype can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $0.99 (Rs. 247.99) and takes up around 17MB of space. This app also requires Android 2.2 OS and later to run.

(Source: Android Authority)